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The "Import" feature in the Projects page works really great, specially in conjunction with Task Templates. But I've noticed we can map columns to Sequences, Shots and Tasks, not to Asset Builds.


I would ask for a way to import Asset Builds as well. Imagine there's a lot of assets to be created, if users could just paste a list of asset names, like: Bob, Character; Gun, Prop; Bedroom, Set; and so on..

It would save a lot of clicks on the system.


Or is there another way to create a bunch of Asset Builds at the same time?





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Hi Giovani, 


We're constantly working on improving the importer with new features and error handling. I will add a feature request about being able to import asset builds, it is definitely something we should support.


The fastest way at the moment would be to use the Spreadsheet. Go to your Project > Asset builds, right click in the spreadsheet on Asset builds and use the Add menu. Then you can add tasks by right clicking Add, or use task templates. You can also use ctrl+c, ctrl+v (cmd+c, cmd+v on mac) to copy/paste items in the spreadsheet. 


Thank you for the feedback,

Mattias L

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