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This is not a feature request, it's just intended to know the official position about internationalization on ftrack.

Do you have plans to support other languages?

Is it something we (studios) can do internally, by locally translating a dictionary of terms used inside ftrack?

Just wondering, it's not a high priority issue for us...





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Hi Giovani,

we have been talking about supporting other languages, we've got quite a few requests from Japan about localization. Right now the strings in ftrack is not organised in a way that will make it easy for a studio to access and change unfortunately. But when we start doing localizations (which we probably will do very soon) it means that we need to create a smart dictionary that might/will be accessible to change by studios. One of our developers in our Stockholm office is Brazilian, so portuguese language support would be straight forward :)




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Hi there,

As I read about the Russian language support today, I wonder if localization is now no problem anymore (7 years after the posts above 😉 )?

Is there any chance of getting the hands on the language files and helping you out with translating?
In my case, it'd be German.


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