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Photoshop publish wrong path

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i have issue with publishing from photoshop.  Ftrack publish will complete everything and send data to ftrack, but the path to the version file is wrong. The path always leads to temporary folder under the c:/Users/username/AppData/Temp/.. . Temporary appData folder also containts photoshop files,  i guess photoshop is generating them, but the actual work files are stored elsewhere on server.

What can i do, to convince ftrack to store user-related path, instead of photoshop-generated temporary files?

Thank you,


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Hi Stephan,

I assume you are using our new Photoshop integration: https://www.ftrack.com/portfolio/adobe

To control where ftrack stores your published files you can either setup a custom location plugin or use or predefined storage scenario: http://ftrack.rtd.ftrack.com/en/latest/using/managing_versions/storage_scenario.html?highlight=storage scenario


Let me know if you have more questions.


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