can´t find my Assets
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Hello, I found something weird and I would like some opinions:

I have created many assets directly in my ftrack project web page, but also created some from Python Script.

The issue is that if I query all assets from my Project using for example:

assets = session.query("Asset where is '{0}'".format(parent["name"]))
for asset in assets:
    print asset["name"]

I get all the Assets but the ones created from Python Script. I know they exist. I can even see them in the web page since there are components.

If I search for them using their names, I can actually find them:

assets = session.query("Asset where name is 'test' and is '{0}'".format(parent["name"]))
for asset in assets:
	print asset["name"]

I am missing something?? Is there a way to query all Assets regardless of the method that I used to create them??



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