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I'd like to have a push button and checkboxes in my webUI that is launched from my Action.

The pushbutton is for "help", and the checkboxes are to show what is configured for my shots that are created by the action.

I'd like the artists to be able to change the configuration as needed.

I see these are available when I use the webUI, but I don't see them listed in the documentation.  So how can I get them?


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Hey, thank you for this feedback - I've got some positive news for you!

I've just pushed a fix for this. A new boolean type action field that renders as a checkbox in the Web UI. We're going to test it today and hopefully it will be out in our next maintenance release.

The configuration will look like this:

	'label': 'My Boolean',
	'name': 'my_boolean',
	'value': True,
	'type': 'boolean'


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