Problem creating Asset Builds
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Hello. Iam starting with ftrack api and I have a question abut an issue with  creating AssetBuilds

If I create it from the project ,it works fine:

project = ftrack.getProject("test")
typeName = ["Animation", "Layout", "Lighting", "FX"]
dict = {}
for x in project.getAssetBuildTypes():
    if x.getName() in typeName:
        dict[x.getName()] = x.getId()
project.createAssetBuild("anim", dict["Animation"])

but If I tried to create it from a shot or any other task,i Got an error that says "Task Object has not attribute  

'createAssetBuild'".For example:

seq = ftrack.getSequence(["test", "ep001", "sq001"])
seq.createAssetBuild("anim", dict["Animation"])

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Hi Eder,

You can only create asset builds on the project level, however you can create a link between the asset build and an arbitrary object if you would like by using the addPredecessor and addSuccessor methods. Please note also that you can create tasks on asset builds.

Let me know if you have any more questions.



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thank you for the answer .I just have one final question.

In the attached image I show what I am trying to do. I did this via web mode.


Did I understand correctly when  you say It is not possible via api mode?

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