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Hi everybody,

I was wondering if anybody is interested in creating a slackgroup for Ftrack or Ftrack themselves.
We are currently using it our company ourselves and also using it for The Foundry Modo (

We have found out a lot of times its quicker and easier than forum. Its also a lot more interactive.
I am also open to any other suggestions.

It was just an idea. Let me know what you guys think.

Developer - The 

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Hello Johan,

I'm a Slack user myself and love using it for communication with team and others. At the moment it's not likely that we will create an official Slack group. Currently our channels are our forum (old school - but great for public and persistent conversations with current and future users),  our blog and our social channels. But if anyone creates a slack group we will probably monitor it and add to conversations from time to time. 

Let us know.


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Soo. I went ahead and created an Ftrack Slack User Group. However there's this small problem I haven't realized till now. Slack is not very good with public access, so every person needs to get an invite (or be within a specific domain, which is even worse).

There is this lovely service called slackin, but that of course needs to run on something. 

Right now I'm ok with just sending out invites like crazy if anyone asks here to get it going. Theoretically as it grows this won't be an issue, because any member can send an invite. It'll just be a bit of a hassle at the beginning.

Maybe ftrack guys would be interested in hosting this tiny slackin service, to make it easier?



the address is:

Come join the party... (it's very, very lonely right now :) )

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What is the best way for us to contact you to get an invite to the ftrackusers group?  I'd like to invite members of our R&D team to join if interested.

Fran Z

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