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ftrack Go for iOS and Android

Fredrik Limsater

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Hello ftrack community!


I'm happy to introduce ftrack Go for iOS and Android.


Link to iOS App Store

Link to Google Play


In this first version we've focused on the Project Management side of things, like seeing an overview of your assignments, easily change status, make notes and log time. First version renders best on a phone, but universal support that scales nicely will come in a few weeks (tablets/iPad).


Assignment view

Here you will see all your assignments and you can also sort them by Due Date, Priority or Status. Slide a card to the left to easily change status, Log a timelog or start a task timer. Click on card for more details about the task. From settings you can change the way the cards are rendered.




Details view

A shared view to show details on tasks, other entities (like Folders or other custom entities) and Asset versions (coming soon).

Here you can read and write notes, create a timelog, access more details about the entity and see latest assets published (coming soon).




Log time

Easily log time on the go





Easily access your timesheet on the go. Click on a timelog to edit or slide the card to the left to quickly access tools menu where you can delete the timelog, manually add a new timelog for the same task, or start a new task timer for the same task.





Browse all projects. Tap and hold to bypass details page and directly list any children in the project hierarchy.






What's coming in next version?

We're already working on version 1.1.0 where we will enable you to see published assets and play/view videos/images (not a review system with annotations - see below). We will also enable you to see attachments on notes and enable you to upload images and videos to new notes. Next year we will look into having proper reviews in ftrack Go (or a native companion app) and a bunch of other cool features we're investigating right now (like being able to crete entities and assignments on the go).



You need ftrack version >= 3.3.4

Check your server version


Known issues


iOS 9 is currently enforcing strict security settings, and for customers who are hosting ftrack them self (local hosting) need to have https enabled and have a valid certificate.



There is a bug in "Log time" when timezones are enabled on the server. Duration is 1 hour off, we are investigating this issue. 



Link to iOS App Store

Link to Google Play

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