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Anthony Kramer

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After using it with multiple clients now I have some more comments.


1. comments section should be expanded by default when they open the session. You'd be surprised how many people never find it, hence don't read comments of others, or don't realize they can comment. Even though we always send an e-mail explaining that it's all there. They need to see it all right away.


2. Description of version. We'd like to be able to write a basic description to versions that appear somewhere very visible. For instance "Matte paint and snowing final". The point it, that now we have to write it separately on each shot as comment in client review, which is tedious, and again is not visible unless you expand the comments section. We should be able to add this comment in bulk when preparing review. 




3. In relation to number two. We'd like to see also spreadsheet view in review prep. This should show current state of review. List of people and whether they approved shot or not already. Now we have to keep generating reports to see this info. We'd like to open client review in ftrack and see all the important info in glance. Something like this.





4. Option to sort versions by hierarchy when preparing it. Every time we have version arranged back to front and have to rearange by hand, qhich is a pain with 20+ shots to review.


5. Customize the text of the invite email. We always have to send separate mail to give some detail. Or at least option to get the personalised links, so we could copy them to normal e-mail. 


And lastly as I've seen mentioned somewhere already. Bigger company branding. Some way to put logo on the welcome page and more readable logo in the corner of the review page, ideally with option to put company name as text next to it.





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