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Client-side portal

Anthony Kramer

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Hi Chaps.


As a long time shotgun user the client portal thing has been a bug bear since its inception. If you can crack that one you will be ahead of the game.


Top five things:


  1. A client review list of only approved for client versions that can be seen by them when we make the decision to submit for feedback/approval
  2. Client references and support images/urls/documentation etc for the creation of assets or as support for CGI elements that are going into concept or build
  3. Ability for clients to be part of selected "client" open notes threads so they can input with the team as appropriate.
  4. A very simple interface
  5. The ability for them to either approve or resubmit with feedback for amendments. This should be obvious and very simple.

Those are my top picks. Anyone else?

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Having a client side review tool is essential. This would almost stop me from purchasing an account! My top 5 things are:

  1. Simple, minimal and intuitive interface (not all clients are tech savvy like us, most are really bad)
  2. Multiple client log-in accounts without a hefty fee (maybe up to 3 accounts?)
  3. Clear and friendly tutorial video on first log-in to show clients how to do things (that can be accessed again for future reference)
  4. Mobile / tablet friendly for clients on the road
  5. Company branding for login screen

Anything more and I'd be to demanding  :D

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I will be designing a pipeline and project management solution for a a long term project in a nearby future and I'm strongly considering giving ftrack a go. This feature (even if it's in early stages of beta) could be a deciding factor to be honest. My list is very similar to previous comments.


1. Super simple user interface with as few options and buttons as possible. The best would be ability for us to customize it on a per project bases and then lock it into 'kiosk mode' where client sees only what we serve him and can only approve, disaprove with comment, plus attachment to the comment (picture, link etc).

2. Mobile/tablet friendly

3. Option to send a summary email (to client and us), so we have a record outside the ftrack as well.

4. Custom website header or image somewhere would be nice. Clients like flashy stuff so branding the login screen or the actual interface with a show/company log would be great.

5. They should only ever see what's currently for review. No older versions, no previous approvals.

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Simply I want comment that after my first test with Client-portal, in my workplace we see very useful this tool. Specially because its have use simplicity, very important for client! :D

From the side-client viewpoint, I think all is ok. Only a couple of enhacements in my opinion:

1. Buttons 'Aprove' and 'Require changes', would be center or right aligned? Current position make graphic compete with company logo.

2. Like FtrackReview tool, also will be nice add a text tool. I suppose will be available in both at same time.

From the project-manager is need notifications when a customer make any change from Client-portal. Mattias said me this is not yet implemented. However is very important notifications I think.

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