Is it possible to use ftrack in an offline mode?
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Last week we lost our connection to ftrack and it required action on ftrack's part to fix (server restart).  A huge wrench was thrown into our production because we temporarily lost all of that vital data to drive our pipeline (folder structures, time data, publishes, custom attributes, etc).  


We outsourced some modifications to our ftrack a while back, so I'm not exactly sure what a normal install of ftrack is capable of, but I'm wondering if there's a system in place that will keep production on track if we lose connection again?  


One solution I can think of is to have a local application to launch projects from (is ftrack connect capable of that?).  So it would basically be what the website is, but it would work with or without an internet connection.  Maybe it tries to sync online data once a day, every few hours, or every time you open a file.  Basically, we don't want to stop working because we can't connect to the server.

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