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Upload media to local ftrack server


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I'm trying to upload media to my local ftrack server.

What API commands can I use to do this?


I know I can't use ftrack.Review.makeReviewable(version, filePath) since I have a local ftrack server.


I've also looked at http://support.ftrack.com/customer/portal/articles/1405640 which tells me how to make an already uploaded file reviewable on the web. However it does not mention how I can upload the file to the server.


Do I need to use a seperate ftp service?


Currently the only way I can upload media is via the web interface.


I'm stuck at the same place as mentioned in this post:



Please help!

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baseAttachmentUrl = '/attachment/getAttachment?attachmentid={0}'attachment = assetVersion.createAttachment(outfilemp4)mp4Component = assetVersion.createComponent(name='ftrackreview-mp4', path=baseAttachmentUrl.format(attachment.getId()))mp4Component.setMeta(key='ftr_meta', value=metaData)

metaData = meta data as described in documentation

outfilemp4 = path to correctly encoded mp4 as in documentation


this works for us



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