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Mark episodes complete for long running shows

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Hey, me again,


So we do a lot of TV shows which run for many episodes and sometimes seasons. It would be nice to be able to mark en episode object as "complete" or "inactive" and have that effect its dependent tasks' visibility in the Task Board so that those completed tasks fall off the Artist's list.


As Artists complete more and more tasks on more and more episodes, the completed task lists gets pretty unwieldy for the Artists.



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Hey Mattias,


You may be right, and perhaps you could explain in more detail how that would be done. I would prefer not to add another status after "complete" just to have a way to get it off the task board but maybe thats not what youre thinking. Though we are a small operation and I don't have a programmer on staff (yet) to mess around with customizing much. I am having to depend on the tools and releases that you guys put out.

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