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In-between phases for tasks in "In Progress" and "Pending Approval" phases


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I think splitting up the task visuals into meta and micro categories would be great and allow for as much organization (or as little) as each individual user would like.


For example:

Currently there's only support for "meta phases" such as In Progress, Pending Approval, and Approval to name a few.  These meta phases are seen by everyone in a project and they're a great and simple indicator for where everyone is and where the project is heading.  This is working great for other artists and especially producers.


However, I'd like to have a little more visual progression for my own work so I can see at a glance where I am doing well time-wise and where I need to hustle.  In Progress doesn't really tell me, or other people how close I am to finishing a task, so having something like a "micro phase slider" in the ftrack app and software plugin with color coded values ( 0%(red), 25%(blue), 50%(yellow), 75%(orange), and 100%(ftrack green)) would be really nice.  Once the task gets to 100% it would automatically be put into the Pending Approval macro phase and alert the relevant artists/producers.  From there it would be reviewed and Approved or sent back to In Progress for changes where the progress bar will be reset.  Your own tasks would always have the micro phase sliders visible and you can toggle on/off other artists' micro phase sliders.





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