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Client review notification settings

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Seems like only the person that sends out the client review invites gets notified when a collaborator leaves notes in the session. Is this the case?


My producer is the one that adds all the collaborators and sends out the invites, and its she is the only one that gets notified when the clients submit notes thru the client portal. I am listed as the "VFX Supervisor" manager position on the project, but I do not get these notfications and I dont see anywhere to turn these notifications on.


Am I missing something?

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Ok, for some reason, client review notifications arent showing up again. In fact they've only ever appeared for one review session. For that one session, it appeared in my Inbox feed like the attached image, but that one review session was the only one Ive ever gotten these notifications from, and we've sent out at least a few of these a week.



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