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Extend ftrack-connect to register locations

Anthony Kramer

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It would be an excellent feature of ftrack-connect to offer a UI for registering your workstation as a location in ftrack. That way when you publish using ftrack-connect, your component paths will be managed.


I assume you might also want to add a preference in the ftrack web interface that would allow or disallow this functionality from connected ftrack-connect users.

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Having been struggling with this problem as well, since a lot of the stuff regarding working off multiple locations doesn't really seem to have any OOTB solution provided, what I do here after consulting with ftrack support is to have a location publishing to S3, and a second location plugin that forms a location name based off the name of the computer. We standardize the internal intranet domain name here, so if the location plugin is registered from outside the company the lan/wan prefixes are added to the location name to help identify where a user is logging in from.




You can replace the structure plugin with whatever you want, but you get the idea.


This plugin still doesn't answer a lot of problems (some of which I'm actively trying to figure out, like ensuring that Components in Locations are synced at the filesystem level) but that is outside the scope of this question I think. 


Hopefully this is useful.

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