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Better Task Templates

Milan Kolar

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For quite some time now, It's become clear to us that we need a bit more detailed task templates for shots. In particular we'd like to be able to have more than one task of the same type on the shot and ability to give the task custom names in the templates.


This is especially important on episodic projects, which have tons of shots and due to production speed often split shot into smaller chunks done by different people. For instance we might have someone do the main animation and someone else do background characters at the same time, hence two animation tasks which need to be named accordingly (fg anim, bg anim), or we have 3 types of effects on the shot: smoke, cloth, rocket jets. We have 3 FX tasks with different names. These repeat themselves again and again and currently we can't have them set up automatically with task templates.


Ideally we'd the templates to work in a manner, where you can set up all the info for each task. Priority, status, comment etc. That way they could be used effectively by coordinator.





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