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The status of an Assetbuild stays 'Not Started' even if all its tasks are 'Approved' and that the status bar of the asset is fully green.


Assetbuilds can be linked to Shots. Thats great !

Apart from showing which Assetbuilds are used in what shots, the main purpose of this is (I think) to indicate if a shot can be started. This is in theory, when all the Assetbuilds linked to a shot are set to approved.

But if one wants to see the status (or statusbar) of an Assetbuild  it's not possible without the managers manual intervention



Of course the problem is more complex because pipelines are not always linear.
[All linked AssetBuilds Approved  =>  Shot ready to start]


Eg.: (hard to explain)

Some specific Assetbuilds 'Setup task' are approved (eg Main characters) =>  Shot-Animation ready to start. 

Some specific Assetbuilds 'Lookdev task' are approved. (eg Set) => The Shot-Lighting ready to start. 


It's those more complex situations that are hard to follow up manually and this is where management softs come in handy.


A solution for this could be to add 'Shot Animation Ready' and 'Shot Lighting Ready' attributes to Assetbuilds or Shots.
Those could switch to 'True' when an Assetbuilds 'Setup' and 'Lookdev' tasks(respectively) are set to approved. (by running an API script) ?

But how do we visually emphasize these custom statuses in a shots linked-assetbuilds tab ?


Or we'd almost need to have multiple statuses per Assetbuild (which is actually true but might be a step to far...)




What is your vision on handling those complex cases?

Maybe FTrack needs a manager to approve an Assetbuild manually... ? (which is safe and not that bad after all...).

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Hi Mitch,


regarding status on asset builds. Today they are not linked to the status of the tasks, but you could set this up using the api and listening to events.

We are getting lots of similar requests and will look at having an easier way to setup triggers without using the api.


Another benefit from linking asset builds to shots is that a model asset created on an asset build for example will show up in maya when importing assets for a shot.


Managing statuses automatically is always, or can be at least, complicated. Having several statuses sounds like it could be hard to overview, especially for artists.


Our goal is always to make it as simple as possible, and if studios would like to build on that and have more layers we should not stop them.

Therefore, simple triggers is in our roadmap just to be able to, for example set a status and it updates another status that otherwise would have to be done manually by the manager who could easily forget to do it.


Not sure if this was the answer you were looking for, but feel free to continue the discussion.






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