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Only one assetversion shows in review.


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I have created a couple of assetversions on a shot, in different tasks. I can see them in the Versions Tab on the Shot in the ftrack web interface. But when I use review, no matter if through RV or the webreview, it always just shows one assetversion.


Isn't it supposed to show all assetversions in the timeline when I hit add or replace?


I have 1 assetversion in compositing and two in lighting. When I hit replace on the shot it shows the assetversion from comp. When I go into lighting it shows one assetversion from lighting, but not both.


Am I doing something wrong here?


Thanks, Nico

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Hi Nico,


When using the add/replace buttons in the browser it tries to find the latest version in pipeline order. That is why you get the comp version.


To review specific versions you can either multi select in the versions spreadsheet and select review in the context menu or you can launch review on a list.

See these docs for more information: http://ftrack.rtd.ftrack.com/en/latest/using/reviewing/internal_reviews/index.html




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Hi Carl,


I see, thanks for the quick answer.


Is there any way to show all assetversions on a shot or asset in a column in the review apps?


When doing reviews in RV it would be cool to have all tasks available. For example you load a sequence of shots, but when looking at a shot you often go up an down in the hierarchy, compare compositing with lighting output, or even have a quick look at animation playblasts or plates. And all this with a whole sequence of shots loaded and without leaving RV. Like Screening Room does? There you can go up and down through all versions on all tasks on a shot/asset.


It kind of works when I create a list with all version and then group by "Asset Parent". But I think it would be nice to have when loading up a shot or sequence directly through ftrackReview. If too many versions then show up you could still filter by task, user, status etc. Basically have the same list and filter functionality from the Versions spreadsheet right in RV.




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