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Hi guys.


It would be a big plus if we could make a our own custom layout for the emails that are send when you send the invites.

Most of the times my clients think it's some sort of spam and don't even bother to look at it.

Just adding our own logo and a custom text would be helpful.


But even better off-course is a custom html form what we could change in the settings.




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I echo this need. In order for me to confidently use this feature, I need to specify the email FROM and SUBJECT lines in each session. These two items are my priority. However, It would also be nice to see which of the invited have clicked or viewed the session. Is there a roadmap for these features? My current clients often think these emails are spam. :-(


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On 2015-3-18 at 7:44 AM, Carl Claesson said:

Hi Robert,


Thank you for the feedback!


We've got on the roadmap to improve the custom branding of client reviews in general.

I'll add your suggestions to that ticket and we'll take it into account when looking into this.




Hi Carl,

We are also interested in customizing client review emails as it would be great to have Logos and more personalized intro pages,

please let me know if this is now possible.



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