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The other day I was wondering how Ftrack would handle a situation where two or more people edit the same "entity" at the same time. And for what I understand the last one to hit save would be the one to have it's data kept. Granted that the "activities" tab for each entity would be enough to get things sorted, but sometimes things go by unnoticed causing problems down the road.


So perhaps it would be really cool if Ftrack had a real time visual cue to let people know that someone else is editing a certain field at that very moment. Something like Google Docs has when you have multiple collaborators working on a single document. A field lock while someone else is editing would be a plus I think.


This would ensure data isn't wrongly overdid and force a dialog between parts when this situations arise.


Does it make any sense or am I tripping? :)


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In combo with "instant save" like gDocs it would rock. =) Not a big fan of the manual save. ;)


Hear hear. That is definitely something that is on our roadmap and was originally planned to be part of  2.0, but we had to prioritise other stuff. Will let you guys know as soon as we have something to show.




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