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client reviews - address book

J Bills

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Would be good if Ftrack would add some sort of functionality for adding client email addresses for reviews so that I don't have to type them in each time.  Or at least remembering the last review names and making that the default.  It gets to be a pain when you have 4 clients and 2 dailies per day.

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We have just added a new "Clone review session" feature to client reviews in ftrack 3.3.17. Cloning review session will allow you to carry over the collaborators from one review session to the next, making it a lot easier to work with reoccurring review sessions with the same collaborators. Hosted sites will be upgraded to this version during the next week. More information is available in the release notes for 3.3.17.

We still have more plans to further improve the workflow when inviting collaborators to review sessions going forward. Please let me know what you think; does the new feature implemented work for your use cases, or do you need anything more?




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Hi @Lucas Correia,

Cloning the review session is helpful when I need to create a new review session on the project. 

I have various projects with the same client. It would be appreciated to have an address book to not lost time enter again and again the email address or looking for it each time. 

Is it something that you think to implement on Ftrack? 

Thank you


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