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Notification for Client Review Notes

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Hey Guys,


Maybe this already exists and I just haven't found it, but is there a way to get a notification when a client is finished with a review session. Currently I have to keep checking the review session and click on 'Transfer Feedback'. It would be great if there is an automatic way of alerting an admin of new client notes.



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Hi Jake,


Notifications for notes and status updates in a client review are available from version 3.1.3 of ftrack.

See release notes and the read more link: http://ftrack.rtd.ftrack.com/en/latest/release/release_notes.html#release-3.1.3


The notifications are currently sent to the person that created the review session.




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Hi Carl,

We would like to have more control over who gets these notifications. Often the list is created or cloned by a production assistant, or someone who doesn't transfer the notes. Also would like to notify multiple people. Ideally we would like to send notifications to anyone with certain "roles" on the project to get notified, namely the producers and vfx supervisors since they ultimately are the ones who will transfer that feedback to the artists.


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