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The (FTrack) world is yours !


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It's cool to have user scripts added to this forum. But we need some extra stuff to facilitate user interaction.


- A simple script editor in FTrack to launch them accessible by administrators/... only. (TextScrollfield and 'RUN it!' button)
Less technical users wouldn't have to setup a whole python environment to run scripts. This would open a whole new world for them.


- A way to query selected entities (per user?).



Once you have this (or something similar), the possibilities are endless and the script topic would be 'uber' useful !!! ;)

Ftrack would have an edge on many other managment softs.


Small example (pseudo code)

Imagine... :rolleyes:

We created all shots and assetbuilds using handy templates. But not all shots containt vfx, not all assetbuilds contain a setup, not all ... etc...



''' Cleanup zero bids (pseudo code)'''

import customUtils  # Would be cool to allow the import of custom functionality
sels = ftrack.getSelected() # Once selection is known...

for sel in sels:

if (customUtils.oneOfParentsIsType(sel, 'Shot') or  customUtils.oneOfParentsIsType(sel, 'AssetBuild') ) and (sel.getAttributes('Bid').value==0) :

ftrack.delete(sel) # clean up empty task



Select All entities in the Ftrack UI,

Paste the script in the scripteditor

And hit the 'Run it!' button at the bottom of the (still imaginary) script editor !!



A'aait :15 mins of work gained on a shortfilm, 2 hours gained on a feature film, at least a week gained in the lifetime of a projectmanager...
All this at a simple touch of a button!



I think this could be 'easily' implemented with python...

Scripts could be attached to Buttons and other more complex controls could follow later...

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Another example:

You could run a custom script to update the buttons/thumbs next to shots/tasks to play a mov with the latest approved version. Wouldn't that be Nice?!?


(Not that you cant right now but it would be easier to share functionality with other less technical users) 

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Hi Mitch,

I'm a big fan of integrated script editors. Found this the other day when I was playing around with Docker.io. https://www.docker.io/gettingstarted/


It's not something that will happen very soon, but I definitely think it's worth considering. Our goal is to make ftrack easy to use and this could be one way of making it easier to get started with pipeline development.




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