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Hide Inactive Users from Available Resources?

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Hey Guys,


Currently, any user that's ever been created in ftrack, wether or not the account is active, shows up as an available resource when managers are trying to assign tasks. 


This is true in drop downs, predictive text, and Task Boards. 


I'm hoping this is an option I haven't found yet but if not:



First, it would be great if inactive accounts did not show up anywhere except under System Settings / Users. Obviously, they could be deleted, but we'd like to keep the legacy information.


Second, it would be nice to filter out users who are not available to take tasks (admins, production, execs, etc). All of the names generally clutter up anything that lists resources.

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Strangely I'm having quite the opposite issues. When I add new inactive users (so I can plan production a few weeks and months ahead) I can't see them anywhere. Let's say I have a project starting in a months, I know I'll need to recruit 3 more people just for this project. I'd like to be able to plan this with dummy inactive accounts. Ideal solution here might be that they show up in studio planning tab so I can assign them to phases and see how many people I'll need at certain times. This would technically work as a kind of database for freelancers. I could plan ahead, and activate their accounts for 1-3 months when needed.

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Thank you for your thoughts and feedback.


Only enabled users on the System settings > Users page should show up in drop downs etc.


We have recently had a discussion about implementing a way to filter out users from the assignee drop downs. One of the ideas was to filter them by the teams on the project so you only could assign people that is member of a team. What do you think?

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That would probably work.


Or having it as a role trait that determines if a user will appear in drop downs globally.


Anything that allows the user to exclude production assistants, EPs, and the like who probably won't be assigned roto anytime soon. 


We're definitely getting Inactive users in the assignee drop downs though, the only way to reliably get rid of the name is to delete the account entirely. 

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Actually I just found out, that this works to a certain degree.


You need to use the team menu in the sidebar. When you leave it empty, then you see all the people in dropdowns. But if you choose a team for give project, You'll limit the dropdown menus to only selected users. In the attached screenshot, only I would appear in any user lists across the project.


Mattias: I can however confirm, that making a person inactive, doesn't remove him from the user lists. (which I personally like. )




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This works!


In fact, if you create a permanent group that include all artists but excludes inactive accounts, production accounts, etc you can just assign it as the Team for each project as it is created.


This way, if new users are added later you can update all projects simultaneously by updating the single global group in System Settings. 

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