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I'm testing the use of ftrackplugins in visual studio 2010.

Since this is my first time using python in VS, I was wondering if you have any idea how I can enable VS to recognize the ftrack API


I've extracted the ftrackplugins-win64-1b17 archive into all three paths:


C:\Program Files (x86)\IronPython 2.7\Lib\site-packages\ftrackplugins-win64-1b17\

C:\Program Files (x86)\IronPython 2.7\Lib\site-packages\ftrackplugins-win64-1b17\


and "ftrackplugins" shows up under all 3 environments in visual studio Solution Explorer (see attached image)


I tried running the follwing script (our private information is replaced by # for security purposes)




import os;
import sys;

ftLibPath = '#####/ftrackplugins-win64-1b17/ftrackplugins/libdir'

ftApiKey = '#####
ftLogName    = '#####'

if not ftLibPath in sys.path:
    print '>> Added to sys.path :  '+ftLibPath;    
os.environ['FTRACK_SERVER'] = ftServer
os.environ['FTRACK_APIKEY'] = ftApiKey
os.environ['LOGNAME'] = ftLogName

import ftrack;

projects ftrack.getProjects(True)

for proj in projects:

    print proj




I get a printed output of all projects but the problem is "ftrack" is not recognized by the compiler while editing.

If I open the interactive window and execute the script (line-by-line) "ftrack" is fully operational with intellisense enabled.

Any idea how I can fix this?


Kind regards,


Wim Wouters


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