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Great work on the Nuke Studio integration, I have it all set up and it is working really well... Apart from one thing.


When exporting a project to Ftrack from Nuke Studio it auto creates a Frame offset of 1001 for each shot, that's great when working with live action and edit changes etc. But for small/short CG driven projects this causes a problem.


For example, we create a 30 or 60 second commercial. We create a previz based from one scene/task, we export our playblasts and create an edit in Nuke Studio.  

I would like to keep the frame ranges from the original scene, as the animation will move through all shots. I would like to disable the shot offset and keep the option of handles, so that my CG tasks frame range will be consistent with all other tasks, as we have the frame range automatically being setup on open of the scenes. 


Is there a workflow for this? 

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