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Versions, Transitions, Translations


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Good Morning.  Am an FTrack noob, Shotgun veteran.

   Am in the processes of experimenting and looking through how to's.  

   However there are a few concepts we will need for production that seem to be a little unclear, or may not work.

   Can anyone help?



   The base data structure we use is

Project > Sequence/Episode > Shot > Task > Version


   -   Version is not a data entity in FTrack.  (Will be a deal breaker?)

   -   Asset Builds, Asset Types might be the idea of versions?  

         The idea of which is which and how to use isn't clear yet.  

         (Am API dev, so these concepts need to be clear)


Data Linking:

   Aside from the entity class's specific linking, there doesn't seem to be any way to set other entity links.


   -   Currently you seem to only be allowed to link/parent specific entities.

   -   Can sub-class the python classes, and create your own type of entity links



   Really liking what FTrack is doing.  However some mechanisms are not clear yet, or are missing.  Any guidance will be very welcome.

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thank you for your questions.




The version hierarchy looks like

Project > Sequence/Episode > Shot > Asset > Version -> Component

Where a task is linked to the version to keep track of what task created the version.



Asset build is just like any other hierarchy object such as Sequence or Shot or task. While Asset is the grouper for versions. The asset has a name and an asset type.


Data linking

There are a few different ways to link things. 


Linking versions to versions to keep track of what was used to make another version.



Linking between tasks/shots, asset builds etc.



I should mention that the current api treats all objects as "Task" even if it is a Shot or Sequence. We have a new api in the works which will handle this better and be available in the new year.


Let us know if you need more details on any of the topics or feel free to send in a support case if you need to share more details of your workflow.


Kind regards 

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