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I am trying to incorporate ftrack more and more into my postproduction studio. We have it for more than a year, yet we are still using very basic functionality.  Few thing got me curious. 


When guys finish the job, project manager verifies the task as "completed", it lands on DONE part of  "My Task" view for each user. After the project is finished I usually change the status of the project from "ACTIVE" to "Hidden". We are doing around 70-100 projects a year so it can get crowded on project task bar etc.

This does not remove task from that project from "MY TASK" view - they are still visible, and they guys have a lot of them there. Is there a way to hide them without deleting the project itself ?


Another thing - Is there a way to  clean old hidden projects to save storage space ? I don't need the thumbnails etc for the finished project, I do need it for my statistics and review - for at least a year from finish. 


thanks in advance 


Pawel Krzeminski 

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Hi Pawel,


When you change the status of a project to 'hidden' all tasks belonging to that project should be hidden from the My Tasks dashboard. If this is not the case for you please send an email to support@ftrack.com and we will look into it.


Thumbnails are stored on the ftrack server so the space it takes up should not affect you. Your locally stored files though can be moved or deleted to save space on your disk, all data about your project and your project files will still be available on your ftrack server.



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