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How to add Assetversion back to a new created Task that was mis-deleted before ?


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Hi all,

I mis-delete an "animation" Task but I found all the AssetVersion under it are still alive on Ftrack. I wonder if it's possible to create another "animation" Task and add all AssetVersion objects back to this new animation task (either by GUI or python code) ?


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Hi YuChen,

there is not a way to do this through the web UI but you can accomplish this through the API.
These lines should do the trick:

new_task = session.query('Task where name is "new_task"').one()

for version in session.query('AssetVersion where id in ("<id>", "<id>")').all():
    version['task'] = new_task


where <id> would look something like 0851c76e-90eb-11ed-8a94-62f40cb9d21c. You can get the id from the side panel.


version['asset']['parent'] = new_task['parent']

the above should be included in the loop in cases where the task has not been created in the same place on the same parent.



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