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Dailies review page for Ftrack

Guest Emanuel

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Guest Emanuel

Hello Everyone,

It would be great to create a page to review (ingesting the notes) the dailies, a page where you have all of the versions selected for the review with the space where to add the notes.

Let's say similar to shotgrid but keeping the same style of Ftrack. That would be really helpful !!

Does it exist a widget similar or can it be created ?

Thanks !!

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Hi there, 

Thanks for writing in, we'll be happy to help out here. While ftrack doesn't currently contain a dedicate interface for dailies review, there are a few places that can achieve similar results.

After a review session is complete, the is the option to transfer feedback Transfer feedback. This lets you see all version in the review,  and edit all notes that have been given. You can even add new notes via this interface. While this is intended to be used at the end of a review to tidy up and send out the notes, it can also be used as a quick 1-stop view to see all notes across the review.


We are constantly working to improve the review experience and a dedicated dailies review window for note takers has been highly requested. I'll make sure we add your support to the internal request we're tracking for this. 

Hope that helps clarify, but if you have any further questions don't hesitate to give us a shout. 



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Hi Andrew, 

Thanks for your quick answer. I had a look and that is the idea that I had.

Unfortunately it cannot work for daily live reviews, here the reasons:

- It should be connected to a playlist, in this way it would update automatically with the new last versions included.

- It's not possible to add the label

- It's not possible to filter the versions per department, that would be useful in general for playlists as well. (At the moment the only way could be to order them for task type but that's not possible)

I think it can be done easily, that's not a big update. It would be great to have!!



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