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Create subjective Due Date ranges in filters

Jarrett K

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When setting up a Due Date filter for either tasks or milestones, could it be possible to create subjective entries possible in the Due Date fields? What I mean is, it currently only accepts specific dates to determine a due date range. I'd like it if it would understand that "today" means the current date, and "1 week" means any date within the next 7 calendar days. If I want a rolling 3 week lookahead for tasks or milestones, I have to manually change my filters each week to accomplish this. If I could instead set it to start with "today" and end with "3 weeks" it would simplify the filter and make it much more effective to be a consistently reliable filter view. 


Let me know if I need to provide more context/explanation. 



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Hi @Jarrett K,
Thanks for writing in here and for the great suggestion. As you've correctly pointed out, the date filters currently only support pre-set floating dates such as `today`, `yesterday`, `tomorrow`, `next month` etc

CleanShot 2022-10-31 at 6.07.43.png

However, what we're missing here is the ability to customise those a bit, i.e `in the next x weeks` or `in the next x calendar days`. These would then update based on the current date.

I'll go ahead and scope out a request with the team to improve this functionality. Apologies that we don't have a better workaround in the short term, but don't hesitate to reach out here for updates on this in the future. 


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