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Is it possible to give some users just the permission of deleting AssetVersion entity ?


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Hi @YuChen,

This is absolutely possible.

Go to System Settings -> Security -> Roles and edit the particular role you'd like to restrict. Then, make sure the "Delete project" and "Delete objects" permissions are unselected but that "Delete versions" is selected. I think this will result in the behaviour you're looking for.


Here is more information on permissions in ftrack:


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Hi @Patrick Boucher,

Thanks for the reply first.

Here comes an advanced request and I'm not sure if ftrack already provide this function.

We would like to give team leaders the capability to delete any asset version entity, but we don't want individual artist to be able to delete anything not published by themselves (i.e. they could only delete asset versions published by themselves). Is it possible to organize the permission rule in this way ?

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