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Limit users assigned on a task


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Is there a way to limit the users assigned to a task to one user at a time? When I first started exploring and setting up ftrack for our school I think I remember it was limited to 1 person by default, but could be expanded by enabling an option in the systems setting.

Now every task can have a list of people assigned to it and I cannot find an option to limit it again to one person. So it could very well be that I just misunderstood the setting i enabled then, or my memory is just playing tricks on me :) I think the setting I enabled back then was the 'Enable multiple task claim' in the Scheduling Settings, but I'm not sure.

Best regards,


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Hi Jasper,

Those settings, "Users can claim tasks" and "Enable multiple task claim", refer to the capacity of a user being able to see a task and assign themselves to it. This doesn't change the underlying fact that tasks in ftrack have always been assignable to more than one person.

Disabling "Enable multiple task claim" will however make it impossible for an unprivileged user to assign themselves to a task if someone is already assigned to it. Someone with full edit capabilities on the task could still assign it to multiple people though.


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