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Adding shot name to the version player?

John T

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Been trying to find an answer to this little thing that has annoyed me on almost a daily basis. When looking at a version and open up the default player (not in web player or cinesync) you can see what task and version it is and the date it was created, but not the actual shot name the task belongs to. Is there a way to have the shot name displayed as well (see attachment)? I assume there is a simple way to have it but I am jut not able to find where to do it.




Screenshot 2022-07-29 at 13.45.28.jpg

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Hi @John T,

As far as I know, this is not possible.

Tasks can arbitrarily be under any number of types of objects. They don't need to be under a shot. As such, maybe we could show the name of the parent of the task but that may not always be relevant.

What I would suggest as a workaround would be to include the name of the shot in your task name if you want to include it here. For example, task `comp` could be `001_comp` for the first shot.

I'll file a feature request on your behalf with our product team. They can probably come up with something more eloquent than the above workaround.


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