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robot user or api user?


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Is there a way to specify a robot or apiuser username when creating a ftrack_api.Session object?  Please note, I'm aware of API_KEYs.  I'm referring specifically to the username that is required upon login, along with an API_KEY.

Currently I have a single account.  And that account is me.

I'm developing a server daemon that's going to subscribe to some actions and do some things.  Those things will both be out in the world, and also within ftrack.

I am able to get it to log in using an API_KEY but only with my username.  Which may make sense for tools that a user might be initiating.  Things I'd be doing using tools should still be logged as being done by me I'd guess.

However, if I do that for a central server daemon, that's doing things on behalf of the 'studio', I'd assume the server daemon will be masquerading as me.  Which is problematic.  It would be much better to have it on its own user.  Such as 'robot' or 'api_user' or the like.  However, I don't see any kind of support for that in the docs.  I tried creating a user: "mr robot" and leaving it disabled.  The API returns an error because the user is not enabled.  Which makes sense.  You wouldn't want the ability to log in and do things with arbitrary numbers of unpaid (unlicensed) disabled users.  That could be abused.

Is there a standard daemon or robot user I could use to make it clear that the daemon or API is making changes in a global manner, rather than as a specific user account?  I'd think that would avoid both problems.  Neither would it be pretending to be me, nor would it open the door to arbitrary numbers of freeloading zombies.

Is there somewhere in the documentation that I've missed where this specific issue is addressed?  Or an alternative approach?



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