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Confusion about component.get_availability() return

Evan Hale

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Documentation states this should return a percentage on sequence components. Instead, it appears to return a dictionary of all file components' availability. Is this the intended return and documentation is wrong?


Components in locations have a notion of availability. For regular components, consisting of a single file, the availability would be either 0 if the component is unavailable or 100 percent if the component is available in the location. Composite components, like image sequences, have an availability which is proportional to the amount of child components that have been added to the location.


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HI @Evan Hale
could you please post or send to support the code you are running ?

The follwing snippet seems to return the availablity correctly:

component = session.query('SequenceComponent').first()
location = session.pick_location()
location.get_component_availability(component )
>> 0.0

hope it helps.

Looking back at the code , the call thatreturns a dictionary is on the component and not on the location:


>> {'5929f24c-b015-4d48-b533-e0008fc5dd14': 0.0, '80dd99a3-1....'}

This is because is returning the availablity for all the locations

you can find the location avilability passing the location itself into the method:

>> {'5929f24c-b015-4d48-b533-e0008fc5dd14': 0.0}

we'll have a look at updating the docs where needed.
Thanks for reporting.


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