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Assign an artist 25%, 50% or 100% to a task?

John T

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Did not find any answer to this when searching the forum.

Is it possible to assign an artist to a task 50%? Since it is not very common that an artis can spend all bid days in a row. Since there will be WIP and PF deliveries before finals. And in between that waiting for client feedback. And therefor are able to work on several tasks in parallel.

So for example, if we have a task with a bid of 4 days in total and if an artist get assigned 50% to that specific task, will the duration be stretched out during 8 days in total in the schedule and gantt chart to get a more realistic overview?






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Hi @John T, thanks for writing in here. 

While this isn't possible today, we are working on an upcoming feature that will address part of this issue. The feature we are working on (which we're calling split tasks) will allow you to break up a single block of time over time over non-consecutive days. So for example you bid 4 days for a shot, but 2 of those days happen this week and the final 2 happen next week. Therefore the total is still 4 days total, even though on your gantt you can see it happened over a 2 week period. You'll be able to break this down by whatever unit you schedule by (days or hours).

In this first iteration we don't take into account the concept of having an artist assigned to a task with a certain %, though its an interesting consideration for future iterations. While split tasks is something we're still actively working on I'd love to get your thoughts on if it might help you with some of your use-cases in the short term? 

Looking forward to hearing any thoughts of feedback you might have. 


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