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hotkeys to collapse/expand task tree view

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Hi all,

it would be totally amazing to have hotkeys to quickly collapse and expand the task tree view with hotkeys.

EDIT: I am aware of the standard right/left arrow keys but the below would provide more control.

I use WingIDE for Python development and am constantly collapsing and expanding code blocks to keep an overview over complex modules.

This is how it could work in ftrack:

  • alt+Home > collapse entire tree
  • alt+End > expand entire tree
  • alt+down arrow > expand selected entity "more", i.e. by one level  e.g. if a show is selected, it woudl only expand to reveal it's immediate children like assets and sequences). If a sequence is selected it woudl expand to reveral it's shots (without expanding to task level)
  • alt+up arrow > collapse the currently selected enity "more", i.e. by one level (reverse of alt+down arrow)
  • alt+ctrl+down arrow > same as alt+down arrow but expand the entire branch not just one level
  • alt+ctrl+up arrow > same as alt+up arrow but collapse the entire branch not just one level

Here is a little mockup in Wing for a visual:






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Hmmm, this isn't working reliably on Linux at all. Usually the arrow keys control the progressbar until I open the detail pane on the right or manage to click in some magic spot.

Once I get teh arrow keys to work the ctrl+click doens't work .... until it finallly does eventually.

Can you verify that?

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