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Hi guys,


I need your support. I need to create an asset build, and I've got an error message:


# Error: PermissionDeniedError: file path\ftrackplugins\libdir\ftrack\ftrackAPI\FTrackCore.egg\FTrackCore\api\xmlserver.py line 187: The status is not valid for this object #


Here is the code I have written:

import ftrackprjId = ftrack.getProject("Piggy Bank")typeName = "Character"    t=  [x for x in prjId.getAssetBuildTypes() if x.getName().lower() == typeName.lower()][0]    prjId.createAssetBuild("testChar", t)

Any idea would help a lot.




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Hi Laura,


There seems to be an issue with statuses on asset builds. To work around this, you currently have to check the first shot status defined on the schema as an asset build status as well and that is the solution for now.


I've added a bug report to have this fixed in a coming release.


Thanks for reporting,


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