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Problem while adding Email to Users

Mani Varma

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Hi, I'm trying to add an Email address to a User but ftrack displays an error that another User or Collaborator with some User ID has the same username or email. There is no User with that specific email address so it might be listed under Collaborator. Searched the ID through Python API but there were no results,

user = session.query("User where id is '{0}'".format(user_id)).one()

The specific user account has trouble opening Client Review session and my guess was due to lack of an email address which I have trouble adding. Need suggestions and is there any way to search for Collaborator?

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Hi Mani,

I think there are maybe a couple things happening here. Regarding the user not being able to open client reviews. In version 4.9 the client reviews now differentiate between users and collaborators.  when adding an internal user as a collaborator they need to also have a role with permission to "view client reviews"


The other thing is that there cannot be a user with the same email as a collaborator.  bear with me while i look for a snippet to help with that

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Thanks for the reply. Well for Project permissions, everything is turned on except for Delete project. I think Client Review session require an email address without which it simply says - Oops, could not find anything here! So a workaround to join the review session without email would help as well.

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Yes, they have access to the Project. The account role is set to Team Lead with access to all Open Projects, and the Project is not set to Private either.

Tested out using another object criteria ReviewSessionInvitee,

user = session.query("ReviewSessionInvitee where email is '{0}'".format(user_email)).first()

This returned nothing either. Does having an email set, removing it and then adding again cause this issue? 

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Hi @Mani Varma

Our sincere apologies for the delayed response here, we realise we totally dropped the ball on this one but would love to get you sorted. May I ask if you are still having this issue, and if so please drop an email to support@ftrack.com as we may need to look into your specific workspace.

Thanks for bearing with us in the meantime here.


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Hi, in a related topic, we are having trouble creating an account for a user because there already is a "collaborator" with his email address.

After looking all over the API I finally was able to "see" this account, by doing a query over "Collaborator" type, but that does not help me create an account...

Is there a Collaborator view somewhere ? Should I delete this collaborator through the API in order to be able to create a proper user ? Wont this break anything ?


Thx for the help,

Alexis Prayez

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Hi Alexis,

Thanks for reaching out. You are more than likely getting this error because at some point in time, the email you are attempting to use was sent a review session invite. Invitees (aka Collaborators) have their own email and ID. 

A User and/or Collaborator can not share the same email. Normally we handle this "promotion" from collaborator to user when a User is created with an email that exists as a collaborator. however there can be edge cases where that promotion fails.

In order to fix this issue, you or a member of your team with API access will need to change the Collaborator email to something else. Afterward, your user should be able to update/create their user account email/username to what is wanted. I've posted a snippet of code you can use to make the change.


>>> b_users = session.get('BaseUser', 'e1d064d8-614d-11ec-93ae-8600b6bfd6a8')
>>> b_users['email'] = 'js@example.com'
>>> session.commit()

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

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Thanks for the quick answer, that is what I did and it's working fine !

My question was more about the "shadow" existence of "Collaborators".

Now that I am aware of the "promotion" that is supposed to take place when user is created but his email is already in use as collaborator, I understand better why there is no mention or documentation about "Collaborators". This is intended to be an implementation detail !



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