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Is there a file size limit to encode a movie through the api?

Donna Lanasa

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When trying to upload a 4k DNxHD movie to ftrack.server, I continue to see this error message
ERROR - Failed to transfer component <FileComponent(907c8975-3101-429e-9f62-2ae7b04ef669)> data to location <ServerLocation("ftrack.server", 3a372bde-05bc-11e4-8908-20c9d081909b)> due to error:
b' '('Connection aborted.', ConnectionResetError(10054, 'An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host', None, 10054, None))
b' 'Transferred component data that may require cleanup: []
The file is approx 6GB
If I use the web UI to create a version it works without error

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