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Removing user security role doesn't work


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I just found the revoke user security role example of this page doesn't work (for version 4.6.15): 


An error says the "revoke_user_security_role" is  an invalid actionand not sure if the document gives a wrong command.

Also, the "session.call" doesn't work too, I think it should be "session._call".

Are these issues just document error or there's any API update after version 4.6 ?

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Hi @YuChen session._call has been deprecated with api 2.0

SessionPrivate method Session._call() has been deprecated.
You should now use the public method Session.call().

could you please what api version are you using ? 
you can simply check from a shell with:

 python -c 'import ftrack_api;print(ftrack_api.__version__);'

I'll double check the example in the meanwhile with latest api 2.2.0

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