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ftrack Connnect 2.0 Public Beta [RC3]

Lorenzo Angeli

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Hi all, 

I'm happy to announce that this release marks the end of the private beta and start of the public beta for ftrack Connect as we get closer to the commercial release. 
Please keep the feedback coming, I go through every one. All of your feedback helps shape the direction and path towards the final release to ensure it's suits the needs of your production pipeline! 

ftrack Connect beta documentation can be accessed here

What's new

  • The package has been build using the latest cx_Freeze with Docker for Linux Centos 7 and 8 and Windows.
  • The package include some previously missing modules such as html modules, needed to run location plugins such as ftrack-s3-accessor.
  • ftrack Connect now won't error anymore under windows if you try to use command line.
    Note: on CMD and PowerShell you won't get any output, please use cygwin or git shell for that.
  • application-launcher bumped to 1.0.1 to allow nukeX execution
    Note: ftrack-application-launcher comes as part of ftrack Connect. If you are running from sources you can install this pre built plugin if you prefer.
  • connect has been updated to use the latest API 2.2.0


  • Cinema 4d integration have been updated to ensure to run on R23+ version.
  • Cinema 4d includes now the plugin, you can simply make Cinema point the plugin path there!
  • Legacy ftrack-connect-<integration> Won't be included anymore in the package, but will be available for download 
  • Framework integrations are not included yet as are going though a big rework on performance and UX.
    please follow this forum for more updates soon!
  • Nuke Studio integration is part of the Connect 2.0 release and provide support for N13+.
  • Rv plugin 5.0 can be downloaded from here



Legacy Integrations download 

please note these integrations are limited to py2 supported interpreters, python3 won't work.

If your have issues or you want to report a bug:

Write to support!

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Hi Lorenzo ,  been a while 🙂

Question , We are now with Nuke 13.1 we have completly reset our machines (fresh install of windows 10) 

We can launch our Nuke Studio from the Latest Ftrack connect.  However we are not able to launch Nuke X from a compositing task inside connect. 

I'm not to good with installing API's etc.. but if there is some steps that I'm missing to have the integration work that would be great. 

thanks a million Lorenzo !




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HI @Marc Morissette great to see you !
The current installed for Connect 2.0 does not provide Nuke integration by default.

You have two options though.

1) use the legacy integration (ftrack-connect-nuke) from  (check the legacy integration download section)

2) use the new set (beta and prone to change)  new ftrack-connect-pipeline-nuke 

In this case, please remember you need to install all the base modules plus the integration itself.
Hope it helps!

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