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Andrew Lawrence
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"Thanks for sharing this with the community Peter, its great to see tools like this and we really hope it helps other on this forum. Amazing stuff!"

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I made a tool for exploring the API a while back (just remembered to post here after catching a few errors earlier this week), as I was a bit fed up of my old process which was like this:

>>> user = session.query('User').first()
>>> print(user.keys())  # Look for a key related to groups
>>> print(user['memberships'])  # Perhaps this, check if entity or list
>>> print(user['memberships'][0].keys())  # It's a list, check what each item has available
>>> print(user['memberships'][0]['group'].keys())  # I see group, what keys does that have
>>> print(user['memberships'][0]['group']['name'])  # Found what I needed (random example though, I've never actually needed this)
>>> user_groups = [membership['group']['name'] for membership in user['memberships']]


I find myself loading it now whenever I'm coding something that I'm unfamiliar with, so just sharing here in case anyone else would find it useful.




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