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Deadline Ftrack Submission - Task list makes no sense


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Hi there,


i updated Ftrack local install to the current relaese (4.7.2)and Deadline also to When i want to submit for instance an nuke job that publishes a new version to ftrack, i get internal IDs as selection list and not the task names, please have a look at the Screenshot. I guess Thinkbox did something wrong with the API but i hope someone could help me on this.








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I found out the following, Deadline gathers the list of tasks assigned to current user and if they have the same name like "Animation" it adds the taskkey/ID to stay unique.


As we never used Deadline to Ftrack i am not sure how this should look like normally. If i remember an older version right, there was the hierarchy present int the task selection list like:




and so on ?



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Daniel Fleming
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The code i changed:

deadline repo: \submission\FTrack\Main


Only my addition:

class FTrackTask( FTrack ):

    def __init__( self, task ):
        super( FTrackTask, self ).__init__( rawObject=task )
        self._id = None
        self._name = None
        self._description = None
        self._status = None
        self._project = None
        self._parent = None
        self._assets = None

	###Added by me

        self._parentName = None 

    def parentName( self ):
        if self._parentName == None:
            self._parentName = self.raw['parent']['name']
        return self._parentName

    ### END of EDIT, leave the rest as it is


 def updateTasks( self, taskList ):
        #ignore None value
        if taskList != None:
            #update cache
            selectedProjKey = self.GetValue( "ProjectBox" )
            self.cachedTasks[ selectedProjKey ] = taskList

            newTaskDict = {}

            foundDefault = False
            for task in taskList:
                pathNames = [task.name]

                taskKey = " / ".join( pathNames )

                ### MY EDIT

                taskKey += " [shot: %s]" % task.parentName

                if taskKey in newTaskDict:
                    #already a task with this name, append the key to stay unique
                    taskKey += " [shot: %s]" % task.parentName



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