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how to create sub-types?

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So i see types like animation, lighting, fx etc in the tasks, how do i create a sub process? 


say for asset A, i have two animation tasks, one would be say animation and second would be other, is there a way to add sub-types so that it would look like


Asset A - task 1 - animation/animation

Asset A - task 2  - animation/others 



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Currently you can't create tasks as subtasks to other tasks, but this scenario is often solved by using different statuses on the task. In the workflow schema you can override what statuses to use on the Animation task type, so if you want the subtask Blocking you can add the status Blocking to the Animation task type.


Hopes that makes sense, and let me know if you have any questions.

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We have added several additional task types to our schema to handle different kinds of fx simulation or animation (different cg characters for example). That's probably not how it was meant to be done but we couldn't find an easier solution. Using several animation-type tasks with different names would have been nice, but then the spreadsheet was not as useable. Our different cg characters wouldn't have shown up as separate columns for example. Filtering was another issue.


Using additional task types (e.g. "BadGuy Animation", "Camera Animation"), however, has cluttered the schema with project-specific stuff that is not used on other projects.


Is there an official solution? Should we have created asset builds for each shot? (I thought of assets as re-useable bits like a character's model, not the shot-specific animation. But maybe I'm wrong?)






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