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ftrack > hiero > nuke integration


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I'm going just getting around to playing with ftrack > nuke integration - what I've seen so far I love and think it has great potential (and is a massive time saver!). The current set up I'm using is via Launchpad, without this I don't have any ftrack menus or options in nuke/hiero.


But then I watched this video: 


I notice they don't use the same approach - they have menus AND more options for publishing and submitting. My question is, is Launchpad the way to go or is there another series of plugins/scripts for Hiero I should be using? How are other people and facilities using these tools together?




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Hi Marc,


Yes, the Launchpad is currently the way to go. Not sure exactly what they're using in that video but it can be a version developed by another studio (which is not shipped with ftrack). The Launchpad and the plugins that are currently available from us can be downloaded from the forum.


If you would like to develop your own integrations you can start by having a look at our Python API.




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