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How do studios handle archiving old projects?

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We've now been using Ftrack long enough that we're starting to think about how to archive old projects (past seasons of shows, projects that are no longer in production, etc.). I found an old thread asking about this, but I don't think there has been any progress on a feature like this. Since there isn't something native to Ftrack, I'm curious what other studios do to handle old data.

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Hi @MattM

One way of handling this could be to provide a secondary location (with a lower priority than you main one ) to be used to move copy the data you want to archive.
Such a solution can also provide various optional features, like archiving only approved data and backup dependent components.

Although at the moment we do not provide such a feature off the shelf, our api can provide you all the basic building blocks to build it.

Below some resources which can help you getting a grip with those:

Location :

Location API:

Location Webinar:

Actions (to trigger the data archiving)

Actions API:

Depending on where you want to archive the data (if not on your local storage) you could also use third party 
accessors such as the Amazon S3 one to have cloud backups:

If you want to get your feet wet with Location I also suggest having a look into our Recipes repository for inspiration:

Hope it helps.
If you have any further question please let us know!

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