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Thumbnail configuration options


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It seems like thumbnail previews in the UI are locked to a 16:9 aspect ratio. It would be great to have an option to change this ratio. Or perhaps an option to not clip the image but instead use black bars on the sides if it doesn't fit the ratio? Our renders adapt to the 16:9 ratio just fine, but animation assets are often better suited to a square thumbnail.

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Hi Jen,

We use Thumbor to dynamically create the thumbnails, so I think you'd have to edit the URL to include a fill filter. Unfortunately we don't really support that -- we can point to a different Thumbor server than the default, but the part where we format the string is hardcoded to just have the "fit-in" directive. Maybe there's a way to force Thumbor to always apply a filter? That may very well not be an option (quick browse of the Thumbor docs didn't turn up anything). I could see our exposing a config var along the lines of "extra_thumbor_url_bits".

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